The Food Journal and Food, Nutrition & Science

An alliance between The Lempert Report and The Center for Food Integrity

About Us

The Food Journal and Food, Nutrition & Science, an alliance of The Lempert Report, The Center for Food Integrity and Strauss Consulting, focuses on the politics, science, technology, marketing and industry trends of all-things food with in-depth interviews and fact-based reporting about important food system issues and the very people and companies who provide food for tables, businesses, restaurants and farmers markets throughout the nation.

Phil Lempert - Editor, Columnist & CEO, The Food Journal and Food, Nutrition & Science and Supermarket Guru

An expert analyst on consumer behavior, new food and beverages, and the changing retail landscape, “Supermarket Guru” Phil Lempert offers unique insights in how to appeal to the new consumer, helping leaders across industries understand shifts and capture opportunities before they become mainstream trends. He is the editor in chief of The Lempert Report,, Facts Figures & the Future and Food Nutrition & Science and has written five books. Lempert is contributing editor for Supermarket News and columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. He appears regularly on the TODAY Show, The View and FOX Business News.

Allison Bloom - Editor, The Food Journal and Food, Nutrition & Science

With an entertainment industry background in feature film development, Allison Bloom brings a unique and empowering communications focus to her projects at The Lempert Report, where she has worked for 10 years. As Editor of Food, Nutrition & Science, Allison seeks out the brightest stars on the sustainability front, follows food safety and health news closely and covers innovations in food technology.

Marty Strauss - Strauss Consulting

Dr. Strauss is a founder of The Food Journal and works with clients on credible and practical solutions to foster a sustainable food system that meets the needs of consumers and other stakeholders. He worked with Monsanto for 34 years, launching his career there in environmental engineering and then transitioned to roles in government affairs and regulatory affairs. He concluded his career working with retailers and consumer packaged goods companies on domestic and international food and agricultural policy issues. Strauss holds a doctorate in molecular biology.

Roxi Beck - Contributing Editor, The Center for Food Integrity

Roxi brings over a decade of experience to CFI, working with clients across several sectors of the food system including livestock, dairy, grains, education, financial providers and governmental agencies. Since joining CFI in 2007, Roxi has helped those in the food industry do a better job of connecting with consumers. She oversees, a website that provides objective answers to consumers’ questions about food. She received bachelor’s degrees in psychology and public relations from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Jana McGuire - Contributing Editor, The Center for Food Integrity

Jana brings a wide range of experience to CFI with a long career encompassing communications training, radio and television news, public relations and video production. She joined CFI in 2008 and dons many hats to help the food industry reach important audiences with the right messages. Armed with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications, Jana also taught broadcast production and professional communications courses at UNL.