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2010 Food Trends Poll

2010 Food Trends Poll

Shoppers and Trends

December 20, 2009

Last month, we shared with you what we think will be the top food trends for 2010 – from brand credibility to new store formats. This month, our most recent Consumer Panel Survey reveals your predictions.

As is often true with fashion, our readers believe less is more. The majority (25%) selected shorter ingredient lists as the top trend to watch for 2010. That means we can expect to see products like Haagen-Dazs 5, Healthy Choice All Naturals and Campbell's Select Harvest looking to impress at check out this year. Transparency and sustainability (19%), private labels (19%) and baby-boomer-driven products (16%) were close behind, followed by social networking and food apps (10%). Relaxation foods barely registered on the radar at 5%.

Even with shifting weather patterns, climate change and the ongoing battle for healthcare reform in Congress, 90% of our readers chose the economy as the number one factor influencing 2010 food prices. Thirty percent chose weather conditions as an influential price factor; 22% chose healthcare reform. Interestingly, a majority of our readers (62%) expect to spend the same on food as they did last year, 24% expect to spend more and 14% expect to spend less.

Although there are currently more than 85,000 apps available to over 50 million iPhone and iPod touch users worldwide, when it comes to food-related iPhone apps, our readers were not impressed. Eighty percent said they would not use any iPhone apps in 2010 to research food. However, half of our readers (53%) said they would still read consumer food blogs and 45% said they would follow “word-of-mouth” food information on Facebook. Just 4% selected Twitter as a food outlet to watch.

The small minority that revealed an interest in iPhone food apps in our survey selected GroceryIQ (9%), Seafood Watch (7%), Recipezaar Sifter (6%) and Urban Spoon (6%) as their top go-to’s for this technology.

Whereas readers were only slightly more interested in private labels (39%) versus brand name products (30%) and co-branded private label items (31%), they were more particular about their meat choices and Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). Seventy-two percent would be most likely to purchase select cuts of meat versus pre-packaged ground meat (33%); 55% percent of our readers say COOL will be very important in 2010.

Perhaps most revealing were our readers’ predictions regarding the battle between “foodie” and “anti-foodie.” With the demise of Gourmet magazine and the rise of everyday people taking the reigns and tapping into numerous sources for food information and education, we predicted the 2010 rise of the “anti-foodie.” But, our readers disagreed. An overwhelming majority chose “foodie” (75%) over “anti-foodie” (19%), and only 4% of readers selected the rise of the “anti-foodie” as the top food trend for 2010. So, maybe there is still some room for the food elite in the new year after all. Only time will tell.