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Back-to-School Food Trends

Back-to-School Food Trends

Shoppers and Trends

September 28, 2008

School bells are ringing again, and while millions of kids get back into the swing of studying, moms, dads, and school nutritionists have to think about feeding all those students. In last month’s quick poll, we asked our readers, “What do you think will be this year’s biggest back-to-school trend?” Here’s what we found.
It looks like our readers believe time-saving could be at the forefront of shoppers’ minds as “more pre-meal assembled foods” was the number one answer with 34% of the votes. Coming in second, and not surprising considering the current youth obesity epidemic, was “more nutritious foods” with 22% of the votes. And, coming in third place, another timely issue in America, was “more environmentally responsible packaging” with 13% of the votes. Although more of our readers feel the convenience of “more pre-meal assembled foods” will be the biggest trend, the same is not true for “more pre-packed lunch foods,” which only received nine percent of votes, perhaps because they tend to be less nutritious. Seven percent of our readers chose “more bagged steamable foods,” and lastly, “more summer movie-themed foods” only got three percent of the votes.