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Carbon Footprinting

Carbon Footprinting

Shoppers and Trends

May 25, 2008

Carbon Footprinting
The purpose of carbon footprinting is to give individuals, as well as organizations, a way of putting into perspective the impact they have on global warming. As more and more retailers, manufacturers and consumers go “green," carbon footprinting reporting on foods could become a useful tool for shoppers, a positive marketing point for more “green” food manufacturers and retailers, and an overall way of encouraging environmental awareness.
In last month’s issue of Food, Nutrition & Science, we asked our readers what type of carbon footprint rating they would like to see on foods.  Forty-seven percent said they would like to see “numerical ratings," and 10% said they would like “letter ratings.” Eight percent said they preferred “icons depicting air travel," and six percent said they preferred “icons depicting truck travel.” A surprising 30% said they preferred “no ratings." Perhaps those 30% represent opportunities for retailers to provide more awareness, resources, and alternatives to their customers for going “green.”