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Food Sense on Public Television

Food Sense on Public Television


February 22, 2009

Over 100 years ago, president Teddy Roosevelt warned of the impending threat to our future prosperity wrought by failure to keep a check on our appetites. With the world population growing at an alarming rate and a new major “food” catastrophe every few weeks, becoming an educated food consumer has never been more important.

Welcome to Phil Lempert’s Food Sense, a new one-hour program launching in the fourth quarter of this year, coming soon to Public Television stations across the United States that will answer common consumer questions with a focus on the impact each food selection makes on an overall sustainable food supply.

Through conversations with farmers and industry experts, as well as discussions with consumers, Food Sense will take viewers on the path from source to table starting with following breakfast foods, helping consumers understand what they are eating from a health, nutrition, taste and value perspective. Striving to create a useful method for consumer enlightenment, the ultimate goal of Food Sense is to foster a true dialogue between shoppers, farmers and grocers.