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Four Ways to Make Facts Up Front Work for You

Four Ways to Make Facts Up Front Work for You

Dietitian Dialogues

September 24, 2013

Robin Plotkin, RD, LD 

Odds are that you are seeing more and more products on shelves bearing the Facts Up Front (FUF) label. Facts Up Front labels display how many calories and how much saturated fat, sodium and sugar is in each serving. Some labels may also provide information about other good nutrients, such as fiber and calcium.

This voluntary initiative, led by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute, uses only facts that are grounded in consensus nutrition science and are straight from the Nutrition Facts Panel that is found on the side or back of food packages. The goal of FUF is to help consumers make more informed choices when shopping for packaged food and beverages. 

How can I benefit from Facts Up Front? 

Check out the Facts up Front Website

The site contains interactive tools for both the consumer and health care professionals. You’ll find a nutrition calculator, an interactive FUF label, a nutrition quiz and meal planning and shopping tips. 

Learn the Label

In addition to noting the calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar of each product, the FUF icon may include one or two other nutrients that may need to be encouraged in the diet. Examples include calcium, fiber, iron, potassium, protein and vitamins A, C and D. The interactive label makes it simple to learn and understand. There’s no question as to the icon’s intent, nor its helpfulness in selecting good-for-you foods. 

Review the Recipes

Recipes, customers #1 request, are plentiful on the website. Facts Up Front works in partnership with Eating Well magazine and ensures that each recipe is simple, delicious and uses easy to find ingredients. Sweet potato casserole, gluten free Thai beef salad, slow-cooker squash, and chickpea and red lentil stew are just a few of the hundreds of recipes on the site. 

Determine Calorie Needs in 5 Clicks

The nutrition calculator is simple, ready to use tool to determine calorie needs for each member of the family. Simply enter height, weight, gender, age and activity level and the best estimate for personal daily nutrient needs will appear immediately. It’s a simple visual that can be saved and utilized while planning family or individual meals.

In the sea of confusion that is nutrition labeling, Facts Up Front clears the waters and provides useful, realistic and actionable tools for consumers and health professionals alike. 


Robin Plotkin, RD, LD is the CEO and Chief Blogger at Robinsbite, Inc., a nutrition and culinary communications company in Dallas, TX. As a culinary nutritionist, she uses food as the vehicle to educate, inspire and improve confidence in the kitchen. Robin is an award winning culinary and nutrition expert and appears regularly in the media and on-line through numerous social media channels. Robin is a member of the Facts Up Front Advisory council.