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In the Kitchen with Steve Perricone and Chef Roger Berrios

In the Kitchen with Steve Perricone and Chef Roger Berrios

In the Kitchen

February 21, 2010

Steven Perricone, 55, is the owner of Perricone’s Marketplace and Café, an intimate dining experience prepared by Executive Chef Roger Berrios and housed in a cozy New England barn on the outskirts of downtown Miami. Perricone and Berrios have spent a combined 55 years in the restaurant business, both in New York City and Florida. Most of the traditional Italian recipes on the menu are inspired by Perricone’s “ma” and grandma.

What is the main focus of your cooking?

Simple, fresh, clean ingredients and dishes.

Is there a particular nutritional focus of your menus?

There is not a particular nutritional focus, but there is a focus on the best ingredients with our guests’ health in mind.

What is your relationship with local farmers?

We buy all of our tomatoes from local farmers (50 to 80 cases a week) and as much locally grown produce as possible.

Are you incorporating locally grown foods into your dishes? How?

We promote the fact that our tomatoes are from local farmers. Locally grown tomatoes are used in the Tomato Brushetta placed on each table at the start of the meal.

What are the major concerns today of your patrons when it comes to dining out? And how are you addressing them?

With all of the well-publicized recent problems with foodborne diseases, food safety has probably become their most major concern. As a long tenured restaurant, it is our job to make sure we are always providing a good safe environment with only the best ingredients bought from reliable purveyors.

What steps does your restaurant take toward conservation?

We are very involved in a local composting project where all our prep and food scraps go to a local composting facility.

How important is traceability?

Traceability relates to the reliability and professionalism of our purveyors and again relates back to our guests’ concerns about where our food comes from.

How important is sustainability?

Sustainability is really about the future of our business.