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Organics Vs. Non-Organic Prices

Organics Vs. Non-Organic Prices

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January 27, 2008

Organic Vs. Non-Organic Prices
Dear Phil,
My question dovetails on your poll. In my area of the country, our major retailers do promote healthy foods. However, prices of organics seem to be aggressively higher than non-organics. I've been hearing some rumblings that organic and healthier foods are and should be equal in price to non-organic foods. What's reality?
Thanks, Pam
Hi Pam,
It’s about supply and demand. When organics were new on the market, there was less production and so each item was pricy. All that is changing today, and many growers and manufacturers have entered into organics. So, as the volume increases for organics, the price is coming down. This is already happening, and eventually it will be within pennies of non-organic items.
However, the debate about healthy foods is a much more complicated one. There is little proof that organics are actually healthier. Shoppers may choose to buy organics for the taste, and for other benefits, like the lack of pesticides, but from a nutrition standpoint, conventionally produced foods and organic foods are really about equal.
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