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Phil's "Food Sense" Documentary To Air Nationally

Phil's "Food Sense" Documentary To Air Nationally

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October 24, 2010

Public television audiences across the country can now watch a revealing documentary that unearths the origins of our nation's food supply as well as its ability to sustain the same food quality and availability for a rapidly expanding American population over the next 10, 20, or even 30 years.

Supermarket Guru, ABC News reporter and Today Show news editor Phil Lempert and a group of industry experts illuminate a one-hour public television special that asks and answers the important questions surrounding the nation's food supply by tracing a simple American breakfast and following its path from farm-to-factory-to-dining table to help us all better understand the sustainability issues connected to it.

Faced with a growing world population, Food Sense examines organic and conventional farming production and processing methods resulting in a comprehensive primer on farm-to-table methods and how it affects animals, food safety, the environment and everyone involved – from day laborers and farmers to retailers and consumers.

Viewers also are introduced to the important role of the Mercantile Exchange in the food chain and how the staggering cost of packaging, transporting and refrigerating our food supply impacts the environment and food prices.

"Every consumer has a responsibility," Lempert explains. "Each one of us has to be as sustainable as possible, understanding what impact we have on the planet."

Viewers also can log on to, a comprehensive website with more than a dozen RSS feeds, links to multiple-blogs, video from the program, YouTube videos, and chat/blog boards moderated by Lempert and other industry experts, as well as integration with multiple social media sites. It’s a premiere starting place for viewers to find out anything they want or need to know regarding food sustainability and other food issues.

Viewers also can participate in an interactive website with chat boards moderated by Lempert and other industry experts.

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