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Promoting Healthy Foods in Stores

Promoting Healthy Foods in Stores

Shoppers and Trends

December 30, 2007

Promoting Healthy Foods in Stores
Since April of this year, we have done our best to bring our readers the latest in shopper trends, with much emphasis on the promotion of healthy eating. This year we’ve discussed childhood obesity, celiac disease, flu-fighting foods, the glycemic index, food allergies, trans fats, and more; all topics on the minds of modern Americans looking to reach healthier living goals. Retailers play an important role in providing knowledge and resources to arm their shoppers for making healthy choices while shopping in the supermarket. As 2007 comes to an end, and 2008 rings in with an abundance of resolutions related to smarter eating, we asked you, our readers, to tell us how well your local food retailer is doing in the promotion of healthy foods. Here’s what we found out:
We were pleased to find out that 27% of our readers feel that retailers are doing a “good job” to promote healthy foods. However, we find it even more positive that 63% feel that they can do a “better job”, which reflects the fact that our readers are always looking for ways to improve upon serving their customers better. Only 10% said they thought there were “no promotions” of healthy foods in their stores. Here’s to 2008, and providing more healthy living choices for shoppers!