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Stevia FDA Approval?

Stevia FDA Approval?

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February 24, 2008

Stevia FDA Approval?
Dear Phil,
With the growing number of diabetics in the general population, we are seeing more and more need for sugar alternatives. Stevia seems to answer many requirements as we develop recipes. Is there any chance that the FDA will approve Stevia as an ingredient in foods in the coming months?
Currently, the FDA lists Stevia as a supplement, so food companies can use
Stevia as a dietary supplement, but not as a food additive. Packages of
Stevia can be found in the nutritional supplement section of stores versus
next to the other sweeteners. The herb is currently approved for use in food
and beverages in 12 other countries, including Brazil, Japan and China. I
have little doubt that with Coca-Cola's heavy investment in Stevia
production - Coca-Cola filed 24 patent applications in 2007 for high potency
sweeteners, including Rebiana, a product they developed from the Stevia
plant - we should be able to enjoy not only a Coke made with Stevia, but
many other products as well. Stevia is already being used in Diet Coke in Japan.
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