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Supper Sack

Supper Sack


October 29, 2013

Supper Sack is a unique subscription service in Los Angeles that delivers produce, meats, dairy, grains and more to clients each week, along with recipes for using the ingredients provided. The service is heavily focused on making a personal connection to locally made ingredients and independent agriculture. We talked to founder Monica Kristiansen about the benefits of the growing home grocery delivery market.

What was the inspiration for creating Supper Sack and how does it work?

I have always had a big interest in food and how food affects us. I know it’s cliché but I truly believe that “we are what we eat.” It’s important that we make it a priority to take care of our bodies. Nowadays there are so many things to eat and ways to eat them. I think that somewhere during all this exposure we forgot how to prioritize quality time with our closest and to eat food that is good for us. Food and especially suppertime brings us together with friends and family. I would love to see that we bring back the value that suppertime has.

I got the idea from a few similar companies in Sweden, where I am from, and since 2007 the meal planning and grocery delivery service has grown into a huge success over there. Basically what we do is take the meal planning and grocery shopping out of our customers’ already packed weekly schedules. We plan three well-balanced weeknight dinners for every week and deliver the recipes and ingredients needed to cook the meals. 

As of right now we have two meal plans, one that includes 1 vegetarian dish, 1 seafood dish, and 1 poultry dish, and then we have our all-vegetarian meal plan.

What makes your company unique from other home grocery delivery programs?

The grocery delivery market has really increased in the last couple of years – everything from grocery deliveries to all cooked lunches and dinners. This shows that there is a need for these kinds of services that puts time at a premium.

What separates us from other companies on the market is that we take care of our customers’ meal planning, grocery shopping, and also one of the most important aspects, knowing exactly what goes in to their food. We focus on delivering organic, local, and traceable products of the highest quality. Clean, whole food is important to us! Also, it is easy for our customers to customize the recipes by adding or taking away ingredients since everything we deliver is a whole product.

What is the benefit of adding a meal-planning component to the process?

You get the value of time, money, and decreasing food waste. Our customers don’t have to think “what’s for dinner,” nor do they have to stop by the store after work… and how great is that?! Having everything for supper at home just makes such a huge difference in getting those weeknight dinners on the table. Not going to the store also means that those things that you didn’t plan on buying will never end up in your basket.

Finally, you will see a noticeable decrease in food waste. We work hard on planning our menus so that all the ingredients will be used up, especially all the fresh produce and proteins. We all have the right intentions when we put that broccoli in our basket but if we don’t have a plan or a recipe to use it in, there is a big chance it will be forgotten in the back of the fridge… sound familiar? 

How have you been able to merge commerce with sustainable business practices?

In many ways. We believe that everything we put in our body affects us. Through the food we purchase, we all take a role in the management of the environment as a whole and that is why we focus on delivering organic, local, and traceable products. This helps local businesses and organic farmers expand their businesses. We avoid the large supermarkets. Automatically our customers are doing their part in contributing to sustainable business practices.

What's the future of the company? Where do you think you'll have the biggest impact?

We strongly believe that the Supper Sack concept is the new food revolution that will bring back the suppertime and the ease of homemade food. Cooking at home has shown to bring families together. This service is for everyone who thinks it’s important to know where their food comes from, what they put in their bodies, as well as for those who like to have a good time and enjoy good food! Good food is fun! Be a part of the new food revolution by joining Supper Sack!