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Tesco’s ‘BOGO Later’ Promotion to Up Trips, Cut Waste

Tesco’s ‘BOGO Later’ Promotion to Up Trips, Cut Waste

Shoppers and Trends

February 21, 2010

Tesco is paying attention to its shoppers in England who live in smaller households – and cutting food wastage and helping the environment at the same time.

A two-week ‘Buy One Get One Free Later’ event in selected UK stores allows shoppers who buy the promoted pineapple chunks, melon, salad or lettuce items to claim their free perishables product the following week, using a voucher they receive at the register. Shopper feedback on this trial promotion will determine the offer’s form in the future.

“Customers really like our ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deals, but feedback shows smaller households sometimes can’t use the free product before its use-by date. Now we’re giving customers the flexibility to take advantage of the great value offer by claiming their free product the following week instead,” says Lucy Neville-Rolfe, Tesco executive director. “As well as giving our customers a flexible new offer, we’re helping them to cut food waste. 

“Together we’ve already made great progress on reducing packaging waste, encouraging the reuse of carrier bags and recycling,” she adds. Tesco shoppers use 50% fewer carrier bags than in August 2006, when the chain began rewarding people who reuse their bags. Recycling centers in 600 of Tesco’s larger stores help shoppers recycle approximately 200,000 tons annually. likes the integrated blend of these efforts. First, it sends a message that all customers are important, not just large families. Second, it gives value on healthful products that are in demand, at a pace that suits the customer’s consumption pattern. Third, it helps build continuity in store visits – and once on premises, there’s a chance they’ll buy more.

It’s a smart approach that we think Tesco or others could expand beyond to the dairy, meat and seafood departments, the fresh-ground coffee display, bakery and more, using rotating themes and new products (perhaps private label) the stores want to showcase at particular times.