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Welcome to Climate and Crops

Welcome to Climate and Crops

Climate and Crops

November 23, 2008

Welcome to “Climate and Crops”, our newest monthly column in Food, Nutrition & Science. With all the attention on the failings of Wall Street recently, few people are giving notice to an even more severe, long-term problem. The reality is that the storms and hurricanes of the past few years are creating a real problem for agriculture, and adding much pressure to the rising costs of producing food.

Recent headlines reveal that Hurricane Ike was the ninth storm to hit the U.S. so far this year, followed closely on the heels of the devastation of Gustav. Louisiana first, and then Galveston. Some estimates are that the damage in Louisiana, in many cases, is far worse than from Katrina or Rita. But this column is not about the human sufferings, which countless others have written about far better than we could ever do. This column is about the story that needs to be told about the weather and our food world.

As the result of a new partnership, we are pleased to announce that Storm Exchange, a website that strives to help companies manage weather risk to increase returns, will be joining us monthly. Storm Exchange offers support for clients who are engaged in crop based marketing decisions, managing positions in the futures market, or pricing products based on yield outlooks during the season.

As part of Food, Nutrition & Science, we will now be featuring this new column that confronts important weather issues and crop projections. In addition, starting January 1st, daily crop projections will be featured on|B2B. Click hereto visit this site.

As our shoppers struggle to make ends meet, a new re-evaluation of how we spend is emerging. The latest price increases are expanding the anxiety – well beyond the lower and middle income shoppers – to the upper-middle and even, upper income customer. The domino effect of our weather and financial crises are sure to create even more questions. It’s time for our industry to underscore our commitment to our shoppers. Sustainability is much more than just being eco-friendly. It’s about guaranteeing that our future generations will have food to eat.