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What are your shoppers doing to save money?

What are your shoppers doing to save money?

Shoppers and Trends

July 27, 2008

Consumer confidence in the economy is at its lowest level in 16 years. With concerns about job losses, rising inflation, and the mortgage crunch, many consumers are cutting back on their retail spending. In last month’s issue of Food, Nutrition & Science, we asked our readers what their shoppers are doing to save money? 
Almost half of our readers (47%) said their shoppers are “using coupons” to save money. Coming in second place, 16% said their shoppers are “stockpiling”, and coming in third place, 11% said their shoppers are “buying less expensive cuts of meat". Nine percent of our readers chose “buying more private label item”, six percent chose “using frequent shopper cards”, four percent chose “buying more items in bulk". Both “buying fewer items” and “buying more frozen items” received three percent of the responses, and “buying more canned items” got two percent of the votes.