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Food is woven into the fabric of everyday life. Food is personal. It’s at the heart of our cultures and traditions. But increasingly food is a topic fraught with more questions than answers.

Who among us hasn’t wondered about the food we eat or been curious about the people and companies who produce it? Food is an increasingly divergent and complicated topic that encompasses new production methods and industry players and an abundance of opinions — creating confusion and growing mistrust in the food system.

We at The Lempert Report and The Center for Food Integrity recognize the need to empower those who want to learn more by providing in-depth information on food-related topics from a variety of perspectives that include politics, science, technology, environment, marketing and industry trends. The free, bi-monthly online publication incorporates a “soil to shelf” initiative of research, in-depth interviews and fact-based reporting about the very people and companies who provide food for tables, businesses, restaurants and farmers markets across the nation.

Each article by our editorial staff features thoughtful analysis and commentary from diverse voices including farmers, agricultural companies, retailers, brands and members of the media. In addition, every editorial includes a supplemental annotated bibliography to provide readers with additional resources.

We believe this format provides a big-picture view that encourages readers to make well-informed decisions. The Food Journal and Food, Nutrition & Science strive to maintain an environment free of advertising, debate and sensational propaganda. This approach allows our publications to rise above the mainstream controversy to provide accurate, thought-provoking information and analysis.

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